South Georgia Government Website

CRE/Project Atlantis have been responsible for the development and operation South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Government website for over 10 years.


Habitat Restoration, South Georgia Rat Removal

The world’s largest rat eradication campaign is being undertaken on the Island of South Georgia. This project is being managed and funded by the South Georgia Heritage Trust (SGHT). The project Director is Dundee University/CRE’s Professor Tony Martin who is on secondment to SGHT.



Computer Visualisation PhD research project

Scott Smith’s computer visualisation research project is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, and Frederik Paulsen and the Government of South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands and the South Georgia Heritage Trust. The project considers the different effects of immersion and presence afforded by computer visualisation modalities (augmented reality, augmented virtuality or computer-mediated reality, virtual reality, and cinema) on knowledge of cultural heritage.

Scott’s case study is the remote site of Grytviken, South Georgia Island located in the Antarctic convergence. Grytviken is a former shore whaling industrial site that affords unique opportunities for digital reconstruction and preservation of cultural heritage

Hydro-electric power On South Georgia

Assisting the Government of South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands with a scheme to install hydro-electric power on South Georgia. This is new work commissioned by the Government there who hope to see the island powered by a carbon free source by of 2009.

Environmental Briefing DVDs

The Project Atlantis research team has produced a series of South Georgia Environmental Briefing DVDs. These have been designed for a number of audiences that visit the island of South Georgia. They include cruise passengers, yachts, expeditions, scientists, Government contactors, and the Armed Forces. The DVDs offers visitors a view of this special environment and provide some guidelines for a safe visit that has minimal impact on the environment.

Discovery House

The fifty years of research (Discovery Investigations) conducted by the RRS Discovery vessels in Antarctic waters continues to provide scientists with scientific data of significant value. It was through this work that the Antarctic convergence (now called Polar Front), and marine eco-systems of the Southern Oceans came to be better understood. Project Atlantis provided a detailed proposal, accepted by the Government of South Georgia, to convert Discovery House; a shore based marine biological station for the Discovery Investigations (1924 to 1927) at King Edward Point to become an exhibition centre.

South Georgia Heritage Trust Brochure And ID

The team has developed and provided a web site for the South Georgia Heritage Trust – The team has also researched, designed and published a brochure for the Trust. The Trust is a Scottish Charity with a branch in Norway and the USA.